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. Only the cheapest and legitimate online sellers, who offer best quality and genuine cigarettes, are listed here, I have ordered from each of them and received my package as promised, whether it was cigarettes, tobacco or cigars.

All websites provide

delivery to US, EU and UK

. These online cigarettes stores are duty-free, so it's the best no-taxes deal on cigarettes on the internet. For example, one carton (200 cigarettes) of B&H cigarettes will cost you about £20 including delivery, that's only £2 per 20 cigarettes. However, it's not the cheapest price; even cheaper prices can be found below. You can find further information on Best electronic cigarette brands | top selling e cigarettes

Is it legal to sell cigarettes online?
Yes, it is. Additionally, all of the brands we sell are genuine, trademarked, and straight from the manufacturer. We follow all international postal regulations and standards, and only sell tobacco to buyers over the legal age. Also, these are for direct, personal use; not for resale.

How is it possible to offer tobacco and cigarettes at such cheap prices?
Tax free sales mean that you do not pay state, federal or excise tax – this translates into affordable brand name items at a fraction of the price you would pay retail! Additionally, all our products are purchased in bulk, making it possible for us to offer you truly amazing prices you won’t find elsewhere!

What are the minimum or maximum limits on cigarette, cigar or tobacco purchases?
There are no minimum or maximum purchase amounts. It is important to know that these should not be purchased for resale.

What do you charge for tobacco shipments?
We ship all tobacco, cigarette and cigar items absolutely FREE!

Also, please be aware that if you purchase larger quantities, you may receive your cigarettes in more than one package. By doing this, you will avoid having to pay taxes or duty on your cigarettes.


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